Help Sponsor a Climber!

Climb for Sight participants will ascend the awe-inspiring, 19,340-ft. Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for poor patients who need sight-saving surgery and eye glasses at ten facilities in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico.

By sponsoring a member of the Climb for Sight team, you can give sight to people who otherwise would have no treatment. Just $194 will fund two patient’s eye surgery and glasses. One surgery cost $77 and eye glasses cost $20. Please help by finding a category you are comfortable with. Regardless of your level of giving, you will be participating in an event that offers hope and opportunity to the poorest of the poor.

Vision for the Poor is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.


(based on the 19,340-ft. climb to the summit)

  • 1/2 penny per foot = $97 = 1 sight-restoring surgery
  • One penny per foot = $194 = 2 surgeries
  • 5 cents per foot = $970 = 10 surgeries
  • 10 cents per foot = $1,940 = 20 surgeries
  • 25 cents per foot = $4,850 = 50 surgeries
  • $1.00 per foot = $19,400 = New van to transport patients for care

Give the Gift of Sight!

Your climb will help give the Gift of Sight to poor patients in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti Peru and Mexico! Learn how your trip can be FREE!

This mountain will be a part of me forever, there is no place on earth quite like it. It was an emotional, exhausting, and amazing accomplishment.

Elaura Patton