The Kilimanjaro Experience

Reaching an elevation of 19,334 ft above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro was created by a giant stratovolcano that began forming over a million years ago.

Kilimanjaro is composed of three distinct volcanoes: Shira (13,000 ft), Mawenzi (16,893 ft), and Kibo (19,334 ft). At an elevation of 19,344 feet, Uhuru Peak – the Climb for Sight's destination – is the highest summit on Kibo's crater rim.

Mawenzi and Shira are extinct, while Kibo is dormant (though its last major eruption was over 360,000 years ago). Because it is a free-standing mountain, the views of Kilimanjaro's peaks – and of the area surrounding Kilimanjaro as during the ascent – are absolutely breathtaking.

Top eleven reasons to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with us:

  1. We care deeply about your mountain experience.
  2. We have the key relationships with local experts, providing you the best value for your money.
  3. Combine the adventure with a significant humanitarian impact and have all your costs, including airfare, FREE.
  4. We can individualize your trip on any of the routes, though most climbers take Marangu.
  5. We provide you with the proper amount of time to acclimatize, resulting in a 98% summit success rate.
  6. We use the best quality equipment when staying on the mountain.
  7. We provide experienced mountain guides who have been working with us for over 10 years.
  8. We provide you with communication through cell phones & radio calls.
  9. Whenever possible, we offer you choice of meals & bottled water.
  10. We carry the best safety equipment on the mountain, including oxygen on special trips.
  11. We care about our Guides, Porters, the Kilimanjaro environment, and the community of people at the base of the mountain. Each year we make a significant donation to the Kilimanjaro Center for Community Ophthalmology to treat pediatric eye disease.

When’s the best time to go?

Give the Gift of Sight!

Your climb will help give the Gift of Sight to poor patients in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti Peru and Mexico! Learn how your trip can be FREE!

Just back from my second Climb for Sight! Less than 2 hours to the top of the mountain, I had to turn back. Yet, it was another life changing adventure. I reached the summit on the first climb 7 years ago. On "Kili" I experienced the agony and the ecstasy of completing a goal and falling just short. I think I need to try it once more. Between the two climbs I raised enough money to fund the sight-saving surgery for 150 Guatemalan children. For that alone I will climb again.

Fr. Joe Coffey, Catholic priest from Philadelphia, PA serving on active duty as a Navy Chaplain