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Photo courtesy Laura Karle

Allie, Nate and Laura, our most recent Climb for Sight participants have just returned from their successful trip to Kilimanjaro! Unlike most of our climbers, this group chose to follow the Lemosho route, which took them on a 7 day trek to the summit. They have posted some beautiful photos and stories here on their blog.

The group came up with a unique fundraising event: they held an art exhibition and auction at a gallery in their hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. Many local artists donated their works, and all proceeds raised through purchased art were donated to help those in need receive sight-restoring eye surgeries.

Thanks to Allie, Nate and Laura for their efforts and contributions! We are ever thankful to all of our participants and supporters.


**Photo courtesy of Laura, Nate and Allie via their blog www.climbforsight.wordpress.com

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Dr. Doug Villella is the Executive Director of Vision for the Poor. His most recent trip to Guatemala City included a visit to the community that lives in the area surrounding the Guatemala City dump.

"Five people died while we were there," Dr. Villella recalled at the beginning of our conversation about his visit. Four children between the ages of 3 and 7 died after eating instant soup they found near the dump. An elderly woman was killed while scrounging through trash when a wall of garbage fell on top of her.


Accidents like these are frequent in the neighborhood that is known as Zone 3 which is comprised of close to 10,000 residents. It is situated atop a landfill just outside the boundary of the active city garbage dump. Residents of the neighborhood fall victim to crime, exposure to toxic contamination and frightening hazards like the fires that burn deep down inside the heaps of trash and threaten to cause combustion. Members of the community known as guajeros work inside the dump collecting plastic and metal to sell to city recyclers.

As reported by those living in the community, government services are not provided within the neighborhood, and little is happening to help mobilize people away from life in the dump. Many of the people living there are recent immigrants to the city, drawn by the vision of greater opportunity and freedom from poverty. Unfortunately, the newcomers often find themselves without family networks, no access to public services, and expensive food and housing. As a result, they are forced into an even harsher form of poverty than the one they knew in Guatemala's rural farmland.

b2ap3_thumbnail__DSC0088.jpgVisualiza, the network of social service eye hospitals in Guatemala City that Vision for the Poor supports, has begun an outreach program in Zone 3. Each month Visualiza visits the community to screen for eye disease. Those in need of surgery are invited to the clinic where they receive free care. During Dr. Villella's visit, three eye doctors screened 100 individuals, 5 of whom required surgery.

Normally, outsiders are not allowed to enter the community, as the risk of theft and violent crime is high. Visualiza is now permitted to enter, but precautions are taken during their visits.

"While we were in the community there was a man who seemed to be working
on an old stove in a corner of the room where we conducted the eye exams," said Dr. Villella. "But he was being really inefficient; just working and making noise for hours. Later we were told that this man was a respected elder within the community, and that his presence in the room with us indicated to everyone else not to mess with us; that we were welcome and could be trusted."

For Dr. Villella the trip was emotional, heartbreaking, and an important reminder for why Vision for the Poor/Climb for Sight are so essential to improving the quality of life of underserved populations. We feel honored to support Visualiza and admire the dedication of the entire staff to providing consistent, quality care to those in most dire need.


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Jessica and Ethan are a couple passionate about traveling the world and sharing their destinations, travel tips and advice on their popular travel blog: Independent Travel Cats. This summer we were lucky to have them participate in our Climb for Sight fundraiser to raise
money for childhood eye surgeries. The couple chose to use the guide company Amani Afrika to take them up the Rongai Route, a 6 day/5 night trek to the peak of the 19,340ft. volcano. They've written an excellent detailed description of their trip, giving the reader a feel for what it's really like to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Thanks, Jessica and Ethan!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Jess-Ethan-coffee.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_kili-climb-for-sight.jpg


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Imagine never being able to close your eye. Just one eye constantly open, susceptible to any contaminant that might float through the air and normally blockaded by the quick automatic blink of the eyelid.


Anderson was born with Ptosis, a condition in which causes both the upper and lower eyelids to droop. As a result, Anderson was never able to close his eye fully, even while asleep. This made him susceptible to cornea damage and infection.

Anderson lives with his family in the town of Huehuetenango, which is 6 hours by bus from Guatemala City, so it was challenging for the family to find a doctor who could help. However, they made the trip on several occasions to visit doctors in the city, but they had no luck in finding anyone who could cure his condition.

Finally, Anderson and his family came to know of the Visualiza eye clinics after a friend of his was treated during an outreach clinic in his own small town. When the family visited the clinic, the were pleased that the doctors there had a solution. But their excitement quickly turned to despair when they were told the cost of the surgery that they wouldn't be able to afford. 

 Anderson qualified to be covered for his surgery under the program, Ventanitas de Luz (Little Windows of Light), which is a pediatric eye care program in which children between the ages of 5 and 14 receive eye glasses and necessary surgeries free of cost. 

Anderson received his surgery through the program, which cured his Ptosis. He and his family are infinitely grateful to those who have made this project possible. Supporters include the Ministry of Education in Guatemala City and the Ministry of Heath in the Department of the Peten as well as The SEVA Foundation and donations raised by participants in Climb for Sight who raise funds through seeking out sponsorships for their climb. 

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The travel product company indeegear® is supporting Vision for the Poor by donating a percentage of the sales of their luggage strap and embroidered “Inspire” sleeve to our cause! The sleeve can be slipped on to any travel item strap (i.e. luggage, camera strap, belt strap). As you collect sleeves, you keep track of the places you have been, the experiences you have had, and the causes you have helped to support.

We love the design and concept behind this product because not only does it support us and many other non-profit groups, but it also showcases the work of two talented artists who use their gifts to make our world a better place for others.

Take a look at the site and the products that support Vision for the Poor: the “Inspire” and the “Inspire Bundle Package”.

All donations made to Vision for the Poor are used directly to provide eye surgeries to those who cannot otherwise afford eye care at our social service eye hospitals in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti and Tanzania, and in the development of a new eye hospital in the jungle in Iquitos, Peru.



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