Those who climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Climb for Sight raise money through seeking sponsorships. All of the money raised is used to treat children at our clinics in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti. Here is a short story from our clinic in Cap Haitian that came through last month.



Seven year old Carl was hit in the right eye by a rock thrown by another child at school. He was immediately rushed to a hospital, and his eye was removed. Carl and his family were devastated by the loss, and Carl felt embarrassed and would not return to school for fear of being ridiculed by his classmates. His family felt helpless. They could not afford a prosthesis that, while not restoring his vision in his right eye, would at least make Carl feel more comfortable.

Carl's family learned of Vision for the Poor's social service eye hospital in Cap Haitian that provides services on a sliding scale based on family income. At the hospital, Carl was fitted and given a prosthetic eye free of cost and he is now back at school.


Thanks to funds raised through Climb for Sight, we are able to provide these services to children who deserve to walk through life healthy and happy, regardless of their financial circumstances.