What is Climb for Sight?

Climb for Sight is a fund-raising project sponsored by Vision for the Poor a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing avoidable blindness by empowering, training, and equipping eye care doctors in developing countries.

The proceeds from these climbing trips go toward providing sight-saving surgeries and eye glasses to the poorest patients treated at ten Vision for the Poor partner eye hospitals in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Mexico and Peru. An eight-minute cataract procedure can end a life of dependency. A pair of glasses can mean a child can attend school. It is estimated that over 86,000 children in Guatemala alone are in need of eyeglasses and 50,000 patients in Haiti are blind from cataracts.

By joining this climb, you will combine humanitarian service with personal adventure. By seeking sponsorships for your climb you will be giving sight to people who otherwise may not have treatment.



Silverio Arana

Silverio Arana, age 84, was abandoned by his family because he was blind and unable to care for himself. Another family adopted him. Visualiza, the Vision for the Poor partner eye hospital in Guatemala, was performing a vision screening Silerios’s town of Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. The new family took Sliverio to the screening. He was diagnosed with cataracts. Funds from Climb for Sight paid for his surgery. Silverio has a new life of independence and gratitude.

Give the Gift of Sight!

Your climb will help give the Gift of Sight to poor patients in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti Peru and Mexico! Learn how your trip can be FREE!

The trip was an amazing experience. We all summited so we are definitely excited about that, but that was only one of the many highlights. We met so many wonderful people from MEM, the safari was a great adventure filled with fascinating sights, the weather was perfect, and knowing that we are supporting a worthwhile cause made it even better!!!

Brian Minetta