Experience 6-Day Climb & 3-Day Safari!

Join us for a six day climbing trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, preceded by a three day safari through Africa. This is a non-technical climb that requires no prior climbing experience, yet is physically challenging and emotionally rewarding.

Sponsorships Can Earn You a Free Trip

Fundraising will help the effort to eliminate avoidable blindness from the poorest regions of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru and Mexico as well as fund your trip.

Your Climb Will Help

Imagine suffering a blinding condition that could be treated. But because you were poor and had no access to eye care you lived a life of dependency. Worse yet, imagine being poor and born blind and because of your condition your life expectancy was 3 years.

Experience Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Choose one of several routes led by experienced guides.

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Your Trip Can be FREE!

Sponsorships will fund your climb and provide poor patients with sight-saving surgery and new eye glasses.

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Give the Gift of Sight

Your climb offers hope to poor people who otherwise would not have access to sight-saving surgery or eye glasses.

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Climb with Us

You can climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with us! We offer non-technical climb that requires no prior climbing experience, as well as climbs for more experienced climbers. Your climb will help give the Gift of Sight!

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Vision for the Poor

Vision for the Poor is a non-governmental organization dedicated to developing social service eye clinics in Latin America and Haiti by empowering local eye care providers to offer their services to the poorest of the poor.

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How Sponsorships Help

Sponsorships fund sight-saving surgeries and new eyeglasses for poor patients in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico. The cost per surgery is just $77. A new pair of eyeglasses cost $20.

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